Bullying in the Workplace: The Proper Procedures to Deal with Bullying

Bullying in the Workplace

You may think that bullies only existed in school, but in truth, you can find them in any workplace. In fact, you may have a few in your own company. How do you deal with such people and the workplace disputes that may arise because of them?

Workplace Bullying

Workplace disputes can arise due to many reasons, and bullying is one of them. Employees may bully their colleagues, or managers may bully the employees under them. You can deal with bullying as you probably deal with discrimination, sexual harassment, or assault. Bullying remains a serious issue that even grown adults can struggle with.

Lay Down Policy Rules

Deal with bullying in the workplace before it even happens. Implement a policy that will lay down the proper procedure for bullying complaints. Once you have the policy, you can educate your current employees of the addition and show incoming employees of the procedure’s inclusion along with other company policies.

Require Written Complaints

Next, through the policy, you can ensure that any complaint will be laid out in writing. You can assign yourself or an HR representative to handle such written complaints. Written complaints can help you address and investigate incidents easier.

Use Mediation

Should a bullying incident occur, you can bring the involved parties through mediation. Littleton Alternative Dispute Resolution, Inc. explains that employment law mediation brings a third-party mediator to mediate between involved parties, with the goal of reaching conflict resolution that benefits all. You can let a lawyer help with your employment law mediation needs.

Investigation and Outcome

Hopefully, the bullying will be resolved in mediation. Should mediation fail or if involved parties refuse to enter mediation, you can conduct an investigation on the complaint. Whatever the results of your investigation, you can deal with any who needs disciplinary action or drop the case if the bullying complaint turns out to be unfounded.

With these procedures, you can better manage bullying incidents in the workplace, should they happen. Just like in school, bullying must not be tolerated.