Parenting After Divorce: Helping Your Kids Deal With the Divorce

divorce concept family separation man woman and children separated by a chasm

While your lawyer from handles your divorce case in Boulder County, you and your partner can focus on helping your kids deal with the divorce. Whatever your situation is with your spouse, you still need to work together to parent your children. Your children would need both of their parents to help them cope with the sudden changes.

Here are some situations that require the attention of both parents:


There are many reasons why kids and teens would try out drugs or alcohol. Stress is an especially strong risk-factor to developing an addiction. Remember, addiction doesn’t just come in the form of drugs and alcohol. Addiction happens when your child becomes increasingly dependent on something until they become reliant on that object to become happy. Video games, pornography, food, parties, and more can all be an object of addiction.

If you notice any significant changes in your children’s lifestyle, you and your spouse would have to work together to get your kids the help they’ll need.


Your child’s future is anchored on how they perform at school. It’s not just about the grades; it’s about getting an education. If you notice that their grades are slipping, you may need to intervene. Talk to their teachers. Ask your child if there is anything bothering them. If you’ve announced that you and your spouse are divorcing in the middle of a school year, see if the drop in their grades happened after that.

Mental Health

A divorce puts a lot of emotional strain on your children. Children could feel unwanted, abandoned, or even blame themselves for what’s happening. If you notice any troubling changes in your kids’ behavior, you and your partner should take the time to talk to your children.  Remind them that you love them dearly and that you and your partner are divorcing each other, but not your kids.

There are certain issues with kids that require teamwork. As parents, you need to be a team to deal with issues concerning your kids. After all, a divorce doesn’t mean you have to give up on being a parent.