Planning a Strong Case in Union Arbitration

Labor UnionArbitration can become an option when there is no resolution reached between the work union and an employer. You might think that it would be hard for a union to “win” in an arbitration hearing, but what you mostly need is a strong case. Here is a three-point list of essential requirements for acquiring a solid case for your work union’s cause.

Concise Argument

If you want to make a strong case for a positive decision in your union arbitration, then you have to make your argument clear to the arbitrator. You have to state in precise and easy to understand terms your side of the disagreement. You also have to clearly present what your employer had to say about it and why you don’t find their decisions acceptable.

Complete Evidence

Once you’ve extensively presented your position and stand regarding the case, you must gather all the evidence needed to support your presentation. These pieces of evidence can include documents, records, recordings, testimonies, and other possible proof that clearly show your side of the argument. Since there is no chance for you to appeal to arbitration, there is the necessity of gathering all evidence before the beginning of the legal process.

Clear Demands

An arbitrator might not give your union what it wants if your solution or demands are not specific and clearly stated. It is best to specify in detail everything that you’d want to be done once the arbitration case ends in your favor. That way, if the arbitrator does make the final decision, you have a better chance of gaining what you want.

As long as every required detail regarding your side’s position is clearly defined to the arbitrator, your union can make a strong case and have a better chance of winning it. You need a clear statement of your argument, clear evidence pointing to your position and a clear demand of what you want after the arbitration process.