Step Your Instagram Game Up and Make Divorce Manageable with Divorce Selfies


Everyone from your two-year-old niece to your 90-year-old neighbor knows the word selfie. Each one adds a twist to make their own special, but have you heard of the latest way for selfies on your Instagram account to stand out?

Divorce selfies—a snapshot of couples before, during, or after the divorce process—are the latest photo trend taking the online world by storm. Your Long Island divorce lawyer will help you sort out the legal matters, but the trend may just be what you need to get through the process. It might even make you Instagram-famous.

No Hard Feelings

Divorce selfies make an oftentimes angry or bitter process more optimistic. Couples have posted them on Instagram accompanied by hashtags such as #finallygotaroundtoit and #ievenlikehisgirlfirend to show that there is no bad blood between them and that they are both handling the separation well.

Your circle of friends and relatives have different reasons for wanting to check up on you, while you and the no-longer-significant other get divorced. Some are genuinely concerned, and others are just being nosy. Putting up a cheeky or amicable selfie with your ex-spouse lets people know there are no hard feelings about the situation.

You may even use witty hashtags to let out your frustrations—in a civil manner, of course.

Do it for the Kids

On top of letting out your emotions and letting everybody know you’re OK, a divorce selfie may just be the assurance your children need. The separation process takes a toll on them, especially when they see the strain in the relationship; a reminder that you can still work together for their betterment eases their anxieties.

Children need nothing more than the assurance that the divorce isn’t their fault and that both parents would still be active in their lives. For them, the photo trend is a subtle implication of that.

A divorce selfie will give your Instagram a boost and maybe even make you Internet-famous. More importantly, it serves as a reassurance to everyone—especially your children—that you’re OK.