Things That Can Damage Your Company’s Reputation

A person about to rate their experience on a business

A company’s reputation can build or destroy your business. It may not reflect on the performance of your business at first, but in the long run, it will. This is why it is very important that you stay on track, and continue working towards your vision. Harvard Business Review says that to measure beliefs and expectations, it is necessary to seek the opinions of stakeholders.

To help guide you in keeping your reputation intact, here’s a list of what you would want to avoid:

1. Bad Customer Service

In every business, whether consumer or service, a customer encountering a bad experience with your customer service representative is going to hurt your business. This is especially true now what with the convenience of sharing personal experiences on social media. So make sure that you train your people well when dealing with customers in every given scenario.

2. Employment Disputes

To an irate customer, an enraged employee can deliberately try to ruin your reputation. Hence, you want to make sure that conflicts in the workplace are always under control. If it gets out of hand, instead of fighting, resort to mediation, which is the master solution to employment disputes. Let the experts handle it.

3. Product Inconsistency

This is why you should never stop investing in product development. Or in other cases, in providing high-quality service. Make sure that you have quality control policies, and that anything substandard will never make its way into the hands of the customers.

4. Ineffective Branding

You cannot just rely on the quality of your product to speak for itself, especially when you are just introducing your brand. You have to be mindful with your branding. Decide on what you stand for, and never deviate from it.

5. Non-Ethical Practices

The number one component used to measure reputation is ethics. You need to prove yourself to be worthy of trust and respect. So be more conscious in all your business activities, from hiring to choosing supplies, to disposal.

Your company’s reputation is one of your most important assets and losing it will have serious consequences. Not only will it cost you a lot of money but also recovery time. You need to make sure never to commit any of the lapses above.