Don’t Let the Fear and Maltreatment Continue: Get a Divorce

Abusive MarriageAbout 4.08 divorces per 1,000 residents – this is how divorce rate in the State of Colorado looks like nowadays. And while it’s true that statistics shows a downward pattern, it doesn’t take away the fact that in some cases, marriage dissolution provides a much better solution.

This is especially true when the relationship already involves emotional abuse, says a seasoned lawyer from Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne. Regardless of the severity of the abuse, you should already consider seeking the guidance of a divorce attorney in Colorado Springs, CO in the event that you are the recipient of this cruel act.

Intentional hurting

In an emotionally abusive marriage, a spouse intentionally hurts the emotions of his/her partner. Yes, it’s different from physical abuse, but the impact on the subject of the cruelty is just as dangerous. What’s more concerning is that takes place more frequently than physical abuse.

How and when a spouse conducts this form of maltreatment

All married couples will go through fights and disagreements at some points in their lives, but there’s a major difference when it already involves emotional abuse.

Maltreatment can take the form of a variety of actions. In general, it occurs when a spouse deliberately takes control of the other’s emotions. These may include hurting the other’s trust; severely damaging the worth or confidence of his or her spouse; and instilling fear in the relationship. In simpler terms, an emotionally abusive relationship consists of one party manipulating the other with the use of fear or shaming.

The long-lasting effect of cruelty

Victims of emotionally and psychologically abusive relationships can suffer from major health problems. It may start out in the form of the abused having an extremely low level of self-confidence, which then results in more health dangers, such as instability, drug or alcohol abuse, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

No one deserves this kind of treatment, but it’s crucial that victims of such relationships take the necessary step to put a stop to it. And one of the key steps is to seek the help of an experienced and understanding divorce attorney.