Everything You Need To Know About Employee Mediation

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We’d all like to have an ideal working environment free of any negative issues and disputes. Sadly, this is not always the case. Issues arise, misunderstandings occur, and events happen that require mediation. Employee disputes, employer complaints, and general dissatisfaction may lead to problems that require mediation. If you’re thinking about legal mediation in an employment dispute, here are a few things that you need to know.

The Employment Relations Act

The Employment Relations Act of 2000 provides plenty of support for employees who are in dispute or disagreement with their employer. The reasons for a conflict can vary from one case to another, but the objective of the law is to provide a fair and just outlet for employees to reach an agreement, settlement, or any other acceptable result. One way that employees are ensured protection is through mediation.

Legal Mediation

The good news is that because of the law, mediation is completely free. The government can give the employee in question legal representation during the mediation, a safe venue, and skilled mediators who must fulfill strict qualifications to facilitate the proceedings. Of course, this option always comes second in dispute resolution. Employees and employers are encouraged to come to an agreement in private talks between the parties involved whenever possible.

How It’s Done

Employees may give Mediation Services a call for help. After which all necessary requirements and dates may be scheduled. Attendance during proceedings is completely optional because the mediator can coordinate with both sides separately to reach an agreeable conclusion. However, it is recommended that the employee (complainant) attend so that the process can move forward accordingly.

Mediation is an important protection against difficult relationships between employers and employees. While we all want disputes to be concluded with an agreement of both parties, sometimes, it helps to escalate matters appropriately.