When One Parent Moves Away: Starting Over After a Divorce

Mom holding her baby girl in her armsSome things happen too fast. What was once a complete family is now torn in two, with each parent going separate ways. The court grants one parent full custody. They get to decide where the children go. There are a lot of goodbyes and emotions around. How do you prepare your children for the changes?

Discuss Visitations.

You and your family law lawyer are not going to go your separate ways just yet. Burnhamlaw.com knows there are still things you need to cover. For example, you have to know how often the children can visit your former spouse. This requires some thought, especially if your spouse is moving to another state. It will disrupt the children’s schedule, and it could affect their schooling. However, parents granted visitation rights should get the time they deserve with their kids, too.

Organize a Family Dinner.

Before anyone moves elsewhere, have the family sit down for a meal together. This gives the children proper goodbyes, which can contribute to a stable transition. It also sets the tone of the divorce. If you and your ex-spouse can be amicable around each other, the children will not see divorce as a monster that tore their family apart. This helps them heal faster and to see that divorce could be a good thing for everyone involved.

Keep Communication Lines Open.

Now, there’s no need to go cold turkey on communicating with your ex-spouse. Even if you don’t think there’s anything to talk about, the children could think differently. One way to buffer the sadness of one parent leaving is to let them talk to that parent over the phone frequently. As long as the calls are before bedtime, it shouldn’t be a problem.

It’s hard for you to move on shortly after the divorce, but it’s harder for the children. See where they’re coming from and do your best to help them cope.