Why Some Marriages End in Divorce

Woman already uninterested her husband

Divorces, no matter how common these days, are personal issues. But despite its privacy and mess, there are common reasons many marriages end up in divorce.

If you’re going through some of these issues and talking to an Albuquerque divorce attorney, you are not alone. Find out why many couples end up divorcing.

Extramarital Affairs

One study found that between 30 and 60 percent of all married people in the US would engage in extramarital affairs during their marriage. Another research showed that between 2 and 3 percent of all children in the US are born out of extramarital affairs. While people have different reasons for cheating on their partners, infidelity remains one of the top causes of divorce in the country.

Loss of Intimacy

The Corrs sang, “Everybody’s searching for intimacy…” and it’s true, even for people who are married. Sometimes, they don’t find or get it in their own marriages that they end up in extramarital affairs. Some couples get so lost in their roles as parents and breadwinners and the daily tolls of every day. Intimacy is often lost and never found again. Sadly, it is another reason many married couples in the US end up parting ways.

Different Visions of Success

There was a time when individuals share the same vision in life and the same road to the same destination. But as time goes by, visions change, roads part, and the destination changes. So when married couples don’t see eye to eye when it comes to the shared vision of success, many things are lost—including communication, intimacy, trust, and respect. And when these things go out the door, resentment knocks and divorce starts.

The reality now is that divorce happens, and at an alarmingly fast and regular rate. So if you’re going through a hard time because of the issues mentioned above, use all the help you can get. Consult a divorce lawyer if you need legal assistance.