Bringing Your RN Profession to the Next Level

A registered nurse checking a senior ladyThe medical and healthcare industries will always have their fair share of medical-turned-legal cases. These can arise from any number of reasons, from medical negligence to insurance claims to crime-related situations.

For this reason, every medical team needs to have a legal component, specifically in the form of legal nurse consultants. The first step on how to become a certified legal nurse expert or consultant is to have first the title of a registered nurse (RN).

RNs can then proceed to take educational courses and programs that cover the legal aspects of medical and health care services. There are many reasons why these professionals choose to continue their education and become more than just registered nurses, and the following are just some of them.

Job that pays better than what registered nurses make

Legal nurse consultants have varying incomes, as their salary depends on many factors, particularly the type of employment. Employers base how much they pay these medical-legal specialists on experience, caseload, and location.

However, according to website PayScale, their rates average at $49.41 per hour. Compared with the hourly wage of registered nurses in the country, which averages at $32.66 per hour, legal nurse consultants make considerably more, especially when calculated on an annual basis.

What the future holds for legal nurse consultants

As with income, the job outlook for these medical and legal professionals depend on several variables, one of which is the total number of medication- and medical-practice-related cases that find their way into the US courtrooms and government authorities.

With experts forecasting the massive and quick growth of the healthcare field in the following decade, it follows that the number of malpractice lawsuit will also grow. This then translates to more work for legal nurse consultants.

Overall, you should consider using your background and experience as a registered nurse, to take your career to a higher, better-paying level.