Handling a Speeding Ticket in Two Ways

Police Officer and a Male Driver

After a long week at the office, the weekend is here. The weather is perfect, and so you decide to take a long luxurious drive. You’re cruising as you sing along to your favourite jams. You couldn’t wish for a better day. All of sudden, there are flashing lights in the rear-view mirror. Silently cursing, you pull over hoping the officer needed to get to the other side of town in a hurry. Nope, he pulls right behind you. A myriad of options cross your mind, what to do?

The thought of getting a speeding ticket often sends many motorists into shock, causing them to take very rash actions. O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors says that the best course of action to take if you are unfortunate to incur one would be to act calmly and follow the tips below.

Don’t floor it

Unless you want to make the evening news, you should lock up such terrible ideas in a box and throw away the key. Such a move not only serves to worsen the situation but also endangers your life. Besides, you are unlikely to outrun the trooper. A quick radio call is all it takes to make you the target of more than a dozen other officers in the vicinity. As part of their training, police officers boast advanced driving skills and can outmanoeuvre you at every turn. Don’t forget that they are authorised to use deadly force to keep you from posing a danger to other motorists.

Don’t incriminate yourself

As part of your constitutional rights, you have a right to remain silent during such routine traffic stops. Just comply when the officer asks you for the license and registration. However, don’t answer subjective questions. The officer might use your answers to make a case against you. If you are unlucky to get a speeding ticket, just resume your drive, albeit keeping to the speed limits. After you’ve calmed down, give a distinguished lawyer in Townsville a call. Seeking legal counsel after such an event is a smart move, especially if you are determined to challenge the ticket.

While speeding tickets should not scare you enough to take a rash action, be sure to comply with the police officer’s request, avoid incriminating yourself, and give a lawyer a call.