Not All Relationships are Built to Last: When is Divorce a Good Thing?

Divorce AgreementSome relationships last a lifetime despite all the trials the couple has to face along the way. Then there are marriages that are simply not as successful as the others. In many cases, even counseling can’t save the marriage.

When do you know it’s over? When is it time to consider finding your own divorce lawyer in Colorado Springs? Law Office of Gordon N. Shayne agrees that there are situations that simply can’t get any better. Here are the signs.

You cannot accommodate each other

As you both get older, your personalities may undergo some changes. You mature and so should your relationship. Sometimes, neither one wants to adjust to the changes. This is a sign that divorce may be around the bend.

You can’t let go of the past

People make mistakes all the time, but if you are willing to let bygones be bygones, you can move on and perhaps even see your relationship getting stronger. If the point comes when one or both of you would rather dig up old transgressions rather than letting them go, you will end up bitter and even start shaming each other in public. Clearly, that is not a healthy relationship anymore.

One or both of you are abusive

Abuse happens in many marriages. It can be directed toward one’s self, their partner, or their children. Whether it’s physical or psychological, abuse is abuse and should not be tolerated. It’s a sign that the relationship is not healthy and you should consider saying goodbye.

There is a lack of accountability

Constantly blaming each other for faults in the marriage is no way to solve problems. Both of you have to be responsible for the good and the bad in your marriage. This kind of problem often leads to resentment and is a red flag suggesting divorce.

You or your partner have given up on the marriage

Are you still married because you feel it’s your responsibility? Are you still living together for the sake of the children? You may never find happiness if this goes on. You may even be tempted to cheat on your partner. You are not saving anything and anyone. Divorce may be the only way everyone involved can move on and be happy.

Divorce is not the answer to every problem in any marriage, but some issues can no longer be resolved without ending the relationship. During such a difficult situation, be sure to get help from a reputable and experienced family or divorce lawyer.