Paralegal Work and What It Takes to Become an Attorney

A row of Law books

Are you considering a career in law? Becoming a practitioner takes a lot of hard work, dedication, time, failures and a bit of luck. You need to do well in the LSAT, get recommendations from reliable sources and have enough experience in the various fields of law. One of the ways to reach your goal is to become a paralegal first.

An instructor from cites the following ways how paralegals get the training and connections they need to become a successful attorney.

Working with Law Firms

Paralegals get first-hand experience with attorneys from different industries, whether it is in intellectual property or criminal law. This exposure provides a paralegal with the opportunity to work with lawyers who are good at what they do. Reliable sources are preferably someone in your chosen industry to get ahead of the pack when you apply at a law school. Endorsements from a senior or even junior partner from a company will improve your chances of being accepted.

Exploring Your Options

Before you apply for law school, you need to narrow down to your industry of choice. Administrators want students who are decisive and know what they want. When you start as a paralegal, you will gain exposure to the ins and outs of the industry, and enables you to determine if you want to pursue a particular field of study.

Extensive Training

Paralegals do a lot of work, research and fact-checking, just to name a few of their responsibilities. These hone your skills and give you the experience you need to pursue a career as an attorney. You’ll know the importance of dates, details, previous conversations and legalities of certain actions.

A paralegal career opens doors for you to become a lawyer. Don’t look down on your current job you have because you still have a lot of time to achieve your dream of becoming an attorney. Training, experience and heart are enough to jumpstart.