Why You Should Not Leave the Scene of a Vehicle Accident

Two Cars Involved In Traffic Accident

According to Queensland traffic laws, you should stop immediately and do the following after being involved in a traffic or car accident:

Help anyone injured in the accident
Exchange relevant contact information with other involved in the accident
Report the accident to the police

You must do all of these regardless of whether you’re at fault for the accident or not.

Leaving an Accident Scene is an Offence

If you leave a car accident scene, you could be charged with different offences including:

Failure to stop following the accident
Failure to provide assistance
Failing to exchange pertinent contact details
Failure to report the car accident

The Penalties Involved if You Left

The penalties for the above-mentioned offences (if you’re found guilty) include hefty fines, five penalty units (if it’s your first offence) or 10 (if it’s your second offence), license suspension for one to six months, as well as jail time for 14 days to a month. You’d likewise need to pay compensation for damages to the other individual’s property, and all of these could be included in your criminal record.

You also stand to face longer jail time if the court finds that you’ve displayed callous disregard for an injured individual’s needs. The same goes if you’re found guilty of providing false statements to the police. If you have committed the offence alongside a more severe offence like reckless driving, traffic accident lawyers in Townsville added that you might be in for lengthier jail time and costlier fines.

It’s illegal to leave the scene of a car or traffic accident. Furthermore, if you were the cause of the accident and you just left the scene, even if you didn’t know that someone was severely injured or died, you could be charged with an indictable offence. This carries severe penalties, such as 10 years imprisonment and extremely high fines.