Buying a Home: How a Conveyancer Could Help

Conveyancing written in a notebook page

Now that you have exhausted all your options and finally found the house you want to buy, it is time to deal with the legal part. In New Zealand, it is ideal to use a conveyancer to help you with the buying process, unless you are familiar with legal jargon and processes related to buying a property and related property laws.

What Exactly Does Conveyancing Mean?

The conveyancing process aims to legally transfer ownership of a property’s title from one individual to another. Most people hire a conveyancer when they buy or sell a property, update a land title (to register a death for instance), subdivide land, and remove, modify, or register an easement.

A conveyancer, usually a lawyer, is a qualified and licensed professional that offers legal information and advice pertaining to property sales. A conveyancer also prepares all the paperwork and performs the settlement process.

One of the top conveyancing lawyers in Wellington says a conveyancer could help you through the entire conveyancing process by:

  • Preparing, clarifying and filing legal paperwork, such as the memorandum for transfer and the contract of sale, among others;
  • Researching the property you want to buy and its title certificate, paying close attention to easements, the specific title type and any details that require addressing;
  • Placing your deposit in a special trust account and calculating adjustment of taxes and rates;
  • Settling the property while acting on your behalf, as well as advising you once it is settled and contacting your financial institution when final payments are ready to be made; and
  • Representing your interest when dealing with the seller or the seller’s agent.

Other Important Things to Note

Whilst some people might tell you that the conveyancing process or transactions are pretty much routine, take note that at every single stage of the process, you might require considerable experience and skill to avoid serious issues later on. You wouldn’t want to be at a disadvantage when dealing with the seller. The proper advice made specifically at the right time is crucial to attaining the goal of owning your dream home.