Embezzlement: How to Handle Accusations

A client discussing something with his lawyers

Theft in a company in Houston or any other city can be a stressful experience, but it can even be harder when you are the suspect.

When you find yourself facing a court case, you can call a white collar criminal law attorney here in Houston who can handle the case and clear your name. Your lawyer can explain your side and find the best way to argue your case in court.

Theft in Business: Embezzlement

The charges you face will likely fall under embezzlement. Embezzlement is when you use money or goods entrusted to you for yourself. Under Texas law, embezzlement means financial theft by an employee.

Range of Punishments

Punishment for embezzlement can differ depending on how much money you have been accused of taking. Theft of up to $1,500 remains a misdemeanor charge and can get you up to a year of jail time. Theft of $1,500 to $20,000 is a state jail felony and can get you two years in jail. Higher amounts of stolen money constitute a felony and several years in prison.

Understand Your Case

Your attorney will be able to formulate a defense for you, but you can also try to understand the nature of the accusation. Embezzlement closely resembles other property crimes. By thoroughly understanding the charges brought against you, you and your attorney can better mount a defense.

Possible Defenses

Many embezzlement cases explain the loss of money as a mistake due to mathematical errors you made during accounting or some other process or transaction. You can also provide information that you have no reason to steal from your employers. Your attorney should formulate a defense plan that fits your situation and the evidence you could gather.

Any criminal case can affect your career so you should hire an attorney who can clear your name or even have the charges dropped in time.