Filing a Divorce? The Need for a Child Support Attorney

Child support with money and a gavel

When you have kids, the last thing on your mind is divorce, child custody, and family law. But the reality is that divorces do happen and so do custody battles. Going to a family court is not something anyone wants to go through, and this is one of the reasons’ family law attorneys exist.

These experienced professionals can help you when facing a divorce, child support, custody issues, and other family circumstances. Fortunately, Law Office of Dorene A. Kuffer says that there are qualified and experienced divorce and child support attorneys in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There are certain reasons you should hire a child support attorney to handle your case. It’s highly recommended that you do this and not decide to represent yourself in a family court. This is not the time to DIY.

They have the necessary experience

Lawyers know family law better than you do, unless you are a lawyer yourself. They received the necessary qualifications from a law school, have passed the bar examination, and have experience in the field. In short, you can trust them with your case. It’s their profession, so they ensure that they’re up to date in their knowledge of prevailing laws in New Mexico.

It’s cost-effective eventually

The other reason you should hire a lawyer is that everything will work out and be less costly eventually. These legal professionals know the law and the way the court functions. They can help wrap the case as quickly as possible. If you represent yourself, then you might fumble at every step since you’re new in the field. This might mean the case will get longer and you lose both time and money. It’s also possible that you lose the child custody case and end up paying child support too, which can drain your finances.

There are also pro bono attorneys who can assist you with their advice. There are other lawyers who can tell you if you need to go to the court at all and if you do need legal representation. Thus, in any case, legal consultation will help you take the right and informed decision.