Know Your Rules: The Facts About Mobile Phone Use on the Road

Citizens who hold a P1, P2, or learner licence are not allowed to be on their mobile phone while riding or driving. This involves waiting for the traffic lights to change or when you are stuck in traffic. The only time you can use your phone is when your car is parked out of the way of traffic.

Charters Towers lawyers and other legal professionals explain that these laws promote provisional and learner riders and drivers to focus on improving hazard-perception and vehicle control skills. The use of mobile phone can divert the attention of the riders and drivers from the task at hand.

Don’t even attempt to do the following:

  • Using your mobile phone even if it is on your lap and on loudspeaker mode is still illegal. You are not permitted to have your phone touch any part of your body unless you are passing it to your passenger.
  • Using your mobile phone while on Bluetooth mode is legal, but only if you have a complete unrestricted license. You can receive and make calls as long as you do not have to touch your phone and it is in your pocket.
  • Using your mobile phone to listen to music on a cradle is legal. You can use the audio playing function if you have a complete unrestricted license. Although, this is only valid if your phone is securely mounted on your car and it does not block your view of the road. Otherwise, operating your phone with the use of a Bluetooth is also allowed in this case.

Do note that the last two rules do not apply for those who still have a provisional or learner license. If you want this freedom, you have to wait until you are eligible for the complete unrestricted permit.

Keep in mind that even using mobile phones legally can still be distracting. Consider the traffic demands and its importance before picking up your phone while on the road. The safest decision you can make is to wait until you have properly parked your vehicle.