Personal Injury Attorney: Check Out These Three Traits to Look For

Personal injury attorney helping the client

Sustaining a personal injury translates to a loss of income, medical bills, living disruptions and many other life complications. That is why when you suffer injuries due to negligence or carelessness by another person or entity, it is but right to secure claims to compensate for these financial damages.

The major questions to consider if you sustained a personal injury is who to charge, what and how many damages can you get, and when to file the case.

New York State of Law

While personal injury statutes vary from state to state, the laws in New York are very complex. For one, proving the fault of another person or entity can be a tough challenge. Second, victims have only three years after the injury to file a lawsuit.

Third, legal expert Marc J. Bern & Partners notes that the compensation may go through reduction if there is a so-called contributory negligence on your part. As such, finding a good New York personal injury attorney to handle your case is necessary.

How to Choose the Best Lawyer

Evaluate your prospective personal injury attorney based on these three traits:


Not just any personal injury attorney will do, especially if you have a complex case. There are those who specialize in specific area such as medical malpractice, motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accident or product and equipment defects, among others.

Litigation Skills

While you expect all lawyers to possess substantial knowledge of the law and justice system, a personal injury attorney must be highly skilled in defense development, evidence presentation and negotiation as proven by their track record in the value of settlements they have secured for clients.

Client Service

Having tight deadlines and other cases to attend are not excuses for you not to be reassured that you actually have a good case and claim for compensation. Hire a personal injury attorney who gives your case the personal attention it deserves.

Regardless of what specific specialization you need for your case, a good personal injury attorney should be able to prove that you sustained personal injury due to another party’s action, provide a reasonable valuation of loss of income and damages, and ultimately help you receive a just and fair compensation.