Aiming for a Credit Card After Bankruptcy? Here’s How You Can Get It

Macro shot of a credit card

Many people don’t file for a bankruptcy because they don’t want it on their record. They fear that they won’t ever get credit again if they get a bankruptcy lawyer involved. What they are unaware of is that bankruptcy can offer them an opportunity to start over, relieve them from their debt, or wipe their slate clean.

Osmond and Cockayne Associates explains that creditors have different guidelines to approve credit cards to people who experienced bankruptcy in the past, and that getting a credit card after filing bankruptcy is not as difficult as it seems.

Check Credit Card Offers

Check whether you have credit card offers on your mailbox. This is one of the simplest methods to get the approval for a credit card after filing bankruptcy. Most issuers of credit cards are already aware that you can’t file for bankruptcy again after many years. These offers are one of your best opportunities to be approved.

Do remember, though, credit card offers that are already pre-approved doesn’t automatically mean approval. You’d still have to go through the application process and if in case they deny you, they will send you a letter indicating the reasons.

Consider a Secured Credit Card Instead

secured credit card allows you to provide a deposit besides your credit limit. After you file bankruptcy, the issuer will most probably approve a secured credit card for you, as it’s less risky for them. Although, there are secured credit cards that won’t get you approval if you had a bankruptcy dismissal within a year or two. Scan through the required standards for any secured credit cards that you’re considering.

You might not want to consider getting a credit card if you don’t want to drown in debt again. You still need to restore your credit score to finance a home or car in the future. The best way to do this is through a credit card, and you’ll get one in no time with the above-mentioned suggestions.