Child Custody Battles: The Worst Things You Could Do

Child CustodyOne of the things that make divorces messy is the custody battle—especially if it involves small children. But older kids may face the bitterness of the separation the most. This is because they understand the situation more and may even be involved by the courts in decision-making.

Any good family law attorney in Colorado Springs will tell you that these are the last things you want to do while locked in a custody battle with your ex-spouse:

Badmouth your ex.

You can always state facts about the hours your ex takes care of the children and whatever habits the other has. But make sure that you have proof if you want to show the judge that giving the other parent custody is a rather bad idea.

Be unwilling to cooperate for joint custody.

The judge always thinks that being with both parents is in the best interests of the child. If you give off the impression or show the judge that you don’t want to work with your ex for your child’s wellbeing, then the court may grant sole custody to the other party. Always remain calm and mature even when faced with horrid accusations from the other party.

Try to manipulate the kids.

When a child is usually in her teens or above 12 years old, the judge may ask the child which parent she prefers. If this is the case, trying to manipulate and control the children to choose you may backfire on you. The courts may ask professional child care workers to interview the child to determine the choice.

Keep in mind that the courts don’t to see awarding custody as winning. The courts will act in the best interests of the child, and you have to show that you are a capable and sincere parent to get what you want.