Reasons Why You Might Want To Have Your Records Sealed

File folders of records

There are plenty of reasons you could have a criminal record.  However, some convictions shouldn’t cast a shadow on your prospects for the rest of your life. Misdemeanors and minor felonies committed decades ago shouldn’t bar you from new opportunities to move on with your life. This is where criminal record sealing from NY Sealing Law can help you.

Background Checks

The moment your name is involved in criminal activity, the details of the case is a matter of public record. That means these files would show up whenever someone does a background check. This puts you at a disadvantage when you’re applying for a job or a loan. Criminal record sealing helps even your chances by making the records inaccessible to the public unless they have a special court order to access them.

Developing Relationships

Imagine wanting to marry someone but having to face questions about your past scuffles with the law. You may not think it’s worth mentioning to your future spouse, especially if the conviction was coupled with a complicated history. What happens though when they see your public record and find out about it? They may think you’ve been lying to them all along, or that you have something dark to hide. It may ruin a relationship you’ve worked hard to build. A sealed record means you can talk about it with your future spouse on your own terms.

Applying for an Education Program

Record sealing is not just about hiding the details of a conviction. It can also be about bettering your future, such as when pursuing a postgraduate degree. Anyone has a right to pursue their academic interests, regardless of past crimes. Sadly, some programs may look down on people with a conviction. You do not want your public record to be the reason your application rejected. If your academic performance is good enough, you deserve a fair chance.

It’s easy to make assumptions about a person when you find out that they have a criminal record. To avoid being at an unfair disadvantage, you can have certain records that no longer have any bearing on your current situation sealed.