Taking the Stress Out of a Divorce

Torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figures

When two people get married, no one expects the marriage to collapse. Sadly, divorce is a painful reality in many households today. Although the divorce process can be an emotionally difficult one, there are simple things you can do to make the break up a healthy one for you, your spouse and the kids.

Here are some of them.

Get a dependable divorce attorney

The legal nuances in a divorce can be confusing. Solicit the help of one of the experienced divorce lawyers in Nassau County such as Keith, Shapiro, & Ford to help you navigate through the process. Your counsel will assist you in the negotiation process.

In case you do not want to talk to your spouse directly, you can arrange with your attorney to do so on your behalf.

Minimize contact with your spouse

Often, there is a lot of hostility between partners going through a divorce. Resist the urge to call or meet up with your partner as this may result in unpleasant verbal or physical confrontation. Rather, let your attorneys discuss the details and maintain a distance.

Be realistic

You may want the court to hand you everything your spouse has or keep them from meeting the children entirely, but unless there is a very special reason, no court will grant that wish. To make the divorce as quick and smooth as possible, allow for a fair settlement and accept it without qualms.

Think about your needs

Determine what you want the most while dividing your assets. For instance, consider whether you are okay with letting your spouse keep the house while you take more of the money or vice versa. Go for the option that makes the most sense for your post-divorce life.

The divorce process is rarely a smooth one, but you can take away many of the complications by doing simple things on your part. The secret is to follow your attorney’s advice and remain calm and realistic throughout the process.