Reasons to Call a Medical Malpractice Attorney

Lawyer consulting a doctor

After cancer and heart diseases, the third leading reason of death in the US is due to medical negligence. Hence it is no surprise that lawsuits for medical negligence are very common in the country. The payouts due to malpractice have been increasing every year.

There are Springfield, IL medical malpractice attorneys who can help you when there is a medical negligence issue. These lawyers can help you file the lawsuit and also help you get adequate compensation. There are many causes for which, you as a patient, would require the services of a competent medical malpractice attorney.

Anesthesia mistakes

Although this is not very common, anesthesia errors are much more dangerous and serious, compared to surgical mistakes. Miscalculations by the attending anesthesiologist can cause serious brain damage, injury and sometimes even death. This can happen if the doctor fails to examine the patient’s medical history. The doctor should check the patient for allergies and any other possible medical complications, before administering anesthesia. The other error is giving more anesthesia than required for the procedure. There are other errors they can make such as using faulty equipment, wrongly intubating the patient, and not monitoring the vital signs of the patient during the procedure.


Several lawsuits of medical malpractice happen when doctors fail to diagnose serious illness or misdiagnose diseases. Patients can come to a lot of harm due to delay in treatment or due to wrong treatment. If the doctor does not follow established guidelines, then a wrong diagnosis is possible. The attorney should be able to demonstrate that an efficient physician would have diagnosed the disease or ailment correctly.

Injuries during childbirth

Mother and child might sustain severe injuries during childbirth if mistakes are committed. The child can sustain serious injuries such as seizures, cerebral palsy, brain damage, fractured bones, and other such issues, due to negligence during childbirth. These mistakes can cause fissures, eclampsia, infections, uterine problems, tears and even death in the mother.

The other mistakes can be due to prescription problems, and/or surgical errors. The malpractice attorney will be able to prove negligence to get a favorable judgment and recover the damage compensation you deserve.